What is Hyperautomation?

Hyperautomation is the approach through which organizations can identify, analyze, implement and scale the automation and digitization of business & IT processes. Hyperautomation rapidly automates multiple IT processes through a disciplined approach. It enables the orchestration of multiple tools and technologies such as Process Mining, RPA, Machine Learning/AI and Business Intelligence & Analytics to deliver the future of knowledge work and business operations at large.


Fully discover if your processes conform and maximize your data value.


True end-to-end automation thrives on diligent preparation strategy.


Extract, interpret, analyze & improve. Bring in data from everywhere.


Streamline efforts, understand trends and derive insights.

Benefits of Hyperautomation

As organizations scale the enterprise digital journey, an integrated hyperautomation
framework and platform delivers the capability to execute the following:

Why NuMantra SaaS?


It’s a “new mantra” of automation, machine learning, AI, and analytics solutions.

Driven by a passion to develop easily deployable software solutions, NuMantra’s hyperautomation platform has been developed by founders with a deep understanding of complex business processes and integrated workflows across the enterprise in the areas of Supply Chain, Financial and Human Capital management.

Built with open-source technologies, our cloud native platform offers a cost-effective solution that caters to small, medium, or large enterprises. Low code development empowers users to imagine better business outcomes and implement complex solutions.

NuMantra SaaS comes with sophisticated machine learning & AI capabilities that offer user driven selection, analysis, and deployment of the best model, enabling the true evolution of the “Citizen Data Scientist”.

How does it work? – The nuts & bolts


Using tools like containers (Docker and Kubernetes), the platform enables a rapid and secure build, test, and deployment process for different applications.


Take advantage of either on-premises installation for enterprises with sensitive workloads or on a private cloud. Get seamless updates automatically through the cloud.


With a cloud native platform, users break free from traditional operating systems or database version challenges. Easily scale to compute large data sets (Big Data) for machine learning and handle data storage (like Amazon S3 data lakes) for analytics.


For global GDPR and CCPA regulations, NuMantra piggybacks and leverages compliance offered by major cloud service providers like AWS, GCP, or Azure.

RPA – More Powerful than you ever imagined

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) leverages business process insight to unleash the power of a truly optimal, end-to-end process—unrealized within the confines of task oriented efforts.


The end-result? Rapidly identify, automate, and integrate as many business processes as possible across the full spectrum of your organization.

Clarity in the Chaos of Applications & Systems

Most companies bring in RPA way too early in the game. When combined with anticipatory process mining & streamlining, RPA strategy enables the mature, sustainable operational excellence enterprises need to stay competitive.


AI to harness data from anywhere
NuMantra enables companies to generate coherent & timely data from internal & external (social media) sources using machine learning and other advanced technologies. Then we apply intelligent analytics to help you unlock every opportunity.