Automated Regulatory Compliance Checks in FinServices


Overview of the Case Study on Automated Regulatory Compliance Checks in FinServices      



Automat ed Regulatory Compliance Checks are a necessity in the financial services sector. One of our notable clients, SecureFinTech Solutions, required a fast-paced compliance process. Discover how we automated regulatory compliance checks using NuMantra’s stand-alone hyperautomation solution with an underlay of a large language model (LLM) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA).




Compliance checks are necessary controls by the government to ensure the smooth working of businesses. So, how did NuMantra increase the compliance check rates by 60%? Our diagnosis of the SecurefinTech problems traced data integrity, data reconciliation and human errors as the fundamental issues. 


Our approach was to build an accuracy-first solution to overcome data flow issues. The need was a non-manual review process such that the risk of non-compliance can be minimized. 


Know more about how to overcome scalability and throughput in financial services automation. 


The financial industry is headed into a major upheaval, with automation and blockchain technologies continuing to create unique work structures and data flow. If you are a financial services provider, you need to adopt the new age needs sooner than later. 


NuMantra Technologies solutions can expand the horizons for you. Your customer acquisition will steadily grow as you increasingly comply with regulatory requirements.