Drive decisions and outcomes with Big Data

Business Intelligence
& Analytics

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Simple & More Powerful


Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics provide both the hindsight and predictive vision to improve your business making decisions. Plus, it gets delivered to you automatically in easy to understand reports.


Concrete, real world benefits

Know your customers better

Ramp up performance & revenue streams

Identify sales trends

Implement & improve personalization

Accelerate operational efficiency

Automate from end-to-end

Squeeze the juice out of Big Data

By using powerful tools such as process mining and machine learning, enormous amounts of data about your business can be gathered and organized. Next, Intelligence and Analytics reveal unseen trends and provide deep insight.


From Back Office to Front Office


Back office automation and standardization are just the start. Bring the benefits all the way to the front end with automated, high impact sales and customer experience solutions.

NuMantra democratizes the power of highly advanced technology. Let us work to take your brand to the next level. 

Data Visualization. If you can see it, you can use it.

Big Data must be presented in an easy to understand format without sacrificing Intelligence & Analytics insight. Data Visualization uses interactive charts, tables, graphs, maps and more to tell the entire data story.


X-ray vision & business future proofing


Peer into processes and leverage data to know how you are doing today to improve business outcomes tomorrow. NuMantra enables a cohesive vision and strategy that fully leverages advanced technology.

Process Mining