How NuMantra’s RPA, OCR, and NLP Can Automate Data Extraction and Streamline Efficiency

How NuMantra’s RPA, OCR, and NLP Can Automate Data Extraction and Streamline Efficiency

Are you searching for your next employee? Do you need to fulfill purchase orders for your company? On the surface, these two problems have limited overlap, but in either case, NuMantra’s platform can improve your accuracy and efficiency as you navigate these business tasks.

Whatever your industry, NuMantra’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) allow you to monitor incoming documents, extract crucial data, and flag critical information. All of this can happen before a human looks at the document, giving you peace of mind that nothing gets overlooked without the need to tether yourself to a computer.

No need to find an employee or fulfill a purchase order? Not to worry; these examples should give you ideas of how NuMantra’s platform can automate tasks in your own workplace.

Clean Data Extraction: Robotic Process Automation

To find the best talent for an open position, an organization must cast a wide net, but that can make the job search process a significant drain on resources. This is particularly true in the post-COVID employment landscape, in which many white-collar, computer-oriented jobs have shifted to remote work. It is a positive to have a large pool of quality candidates for a position, but it can also be overwhelming.

NuMantra’s Robotic Process Automation can streamline this process. The platform can be set up to monitor a data store, such as an Amazon S3 bucket, and check for new documents at recurring intervals. To make our job search process more efficient, we can direct applications from platforms such as LinkedIn and Indeed to the bucket.

From there, RPA can “read” received cover letters and resumes, extracting critical information to consolidate in a standardized table for your hiring team’s convenience. Whether a resume is submitted as a PDF or Word Document, the Optical Character Recognition system will recognize the document. The OCR system will have to “learn”, but unlike strictly form-based systems, NuMantra’s OCR system will learn from its mistakes when corrections are submitted, allowing the platform to find the necessary information even if the resume format is unconventional.

If we were fulfilling purchase orders rather than processing job applications, the goal changes, but the same tools can be leveraged. If you run an apparel company and receive purchase orders from a variety of clothing shops, NuMantra’s OCR system can monitor your incoming orders and compile a table of the products requested, allowing your fulfillment team to know what items need to be shipped and where they need to go.

Nobody wants to drown in piles of monotonous files, and if a task becomes too repetitive, an exhausted worker is liable to make errors as they sort through all of their resumes or purchase orders. NuMantra’s RPA system can help avoid those errors while freeing employees to focus their attention on other tasks.

An Automatic Screen: Natural Language Processing

Accurate and efficient data extraction is the first step, but you still have a significant amount of information to sort through. Fortunately, NuMantra’s platform can also help with this obstacle.

NuMantra leverages Natural Language Processing to allow the system to understand context as it “reads” documents. A basic recognition system can flag key skills such as “Python” or “Microsoft Outlook” in a resume, but Natural Language Processing has far more capabilities. NLP can check how long an individual has used a particular tool, evaluate whether a candidate provides examples of succeeding in leadership roles, and assess the sentiment and tone of their cover letter.

Purchase orders may not have the same volume of content for NLP to process, but if our apparel company receives special instructions on an order, it needs to be noted. A hurried employee may overlook special instructions added at the bottom of a purchase order, but NuMantra’s NLP system can be set up to flag such documents, ensuring that they receive proper attention.

A personal touch is great, but in the modern environment, there is an overwhelming amount of information flowing in, and it is inefficient to use people for tasks that can be handled by NuMantra’s platform. This type of technology allows your team to shift their attention to tasks better suited to humans, such as contacting top candidates or reaching out to a store owner to ensure you fully understand the details of their request.


With few exceptions, businesses have repetitive tasks that must be successfully completed for the company to thrive, whether that is searching through a job candidate pool or processing purchase orders. Doing these types of tasks once might be easy, but doing them right one thousand times is more difficult, and if the quality of work falls off as attention declines, the business suffers.

NuMantra’s platform will help your business combat this issue on two fronts. NuMantra’s RPA, OCR, and NLP capabilities can be leveraged to automate a wide variety of tasks and ensure that these processes will be completed accurately and efficiently. In addition, the saved time allows your team to shift their focus to more valuable work, whether that is building relationships with applicants, or reaching out to prospective buyers.

Interested in making your organization more efficient with RPA, OCR, and NLP? Connect with a NuMantra expert to schedule a demo today!

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