Unlock The Power of

Organizations leverage NuMantra to hyperautomate
their processes. Here’s how.

Enroll users with quick access to applications and data hosted on a secure, reliable environment.
Automate single siloed processes using independent tools like RPA. Develop integrated solutions with Machine Learning, NLP, and Analytics for analyzing and automating complex processes.
Free up resources by eliminating the need to host and support different applications from multiple vendors.
Bring data from anywhere with pre-built API’s or database extracts for large data sets. A friendly intuitive interface manages CSV files.
Empower employees to realize their potential as future automation and machine learning/AI experts todevelop sustainable solutions.

Maximize Accuracy

Hyperautomation combines ML+AI to boost accuracy

Scrape data from any application using RPA

Validate with ML/AI models & predict future outcomes

Update data and load to 3rd party applications using pre-built API’s

Analyze, Modify and Load scraped data from your applications (HR, Legal, Purchasing or Contracting) to ensure accuracy. First, scraped data is analyzed and prepared for predictive analysis. Next, data accuracy or fit is determined by NLP based models in NuMantra‘s ML/AI. Then, changes are made prior to loading via pre-built APIs to 3rd party applications, or it’s used for further analysis.

Pivot Faster

Hyperautomation improves response times & flexibility

Capture data from anywhere – Facebook, Twitter, etc

Conduct Sentiment Analysis using ML models

Combine results with operational & budgeting data in Business Intelligence

Sentiments (such as social media product reviews & opinions) can be leveraged to enable businesses to react quickly to events. Using NLP, ML-powered impact analysis occurs on historical transactional, planning, or budgeting data. Developing and implementing these models enables organizations to pivot faster to future events.

Reduce Costs

Hyperautomation improves performance & cuts costs

Discover and analyze bottlenecks with process mining

Combine process inputs to derive optimal performance measures

Implement changes & automate with RPA to improve business outcomes

Hyperautomation enables the analysis of transactional (PO process in SAP) or support processes (ServiceNow) and ensures optimal performance for PO Creation, Order Processing, Credit & Risk Management, Contracting, Manufacturing, Logistics, Accounts Receivables & Accounts Payables, security and infrastructure management. Once deviations are identified, prediction models within NuMantra’s ML/AI determine the changes required to run an optimal process.These changes are implemented using RPA.

Optimize Resources

Hyperautomation optimizes resources using ML/AI driven Cognitive Automation

Capture data from any PDF document.

Validate with ML/AI models.

Load to any ERP using RPA or data integration

Cognitive Automation automates specific, more complex business processes. Data from any PDFor scanned document (within Legal, HR, Purchasing, Contracting, or Customer Facing functions) can be extracted and analyzed using NuMantra’s ML/AI engine and prediction models. Automatically load the data to an ERP system using RPA

Enhance Process Insight

Hyperautomation eliminates redundancy & improves insight

Enable process discovery using system logs

Use ML/AI to analyze and predict process improvement outcomes

Fine-tune & automate processes with computer vision auto generated scripts

Automated process enhancement is enabled by ML/AI analysis and computer vision. ML/AI inputs analyze and improve upon deviations identified by process mining. Computer vision technology generates automated scripts of the improved processes.