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Machine Learning
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Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning & AI made easy


You don’t need artificial intelligence expertise to get the most out of it. From building custom models to validating & implementing off-the-shelf products, we tailor it to your needs and level of knowledge.

Outcome Improvement on Autopilot


Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence enable you to automatically gather massive amounts of data from in-house and external sources. Algorithms analyze the data to reveal hidden patterns and predict results.


Fully exploit open source tools & off-the-shelf products

Python – Scikit-learn

Microsoft Azure

Amazon Web Services – Amazon SageMaker


Google Cloud Tesseract & TensorFlow

IBM Watson

80% of data is unstructured. Are you leveraging it?

Many companies only use structured data, such as from sensors or sales reports. Unstructured data (emails, blogs, social media, images, etc.) contains great value, but it’s hard to unlock. Machine learning collects & organizes both structured and unstructured data to improve predictive models.

NuMantra makes the complex simple. Our clients gain the full power of ML/AI solutions. Lean on us to make it work.

Unlock hidden pockets of opportunity

Thousands of data sources, millions of data points, and dozens of scenarios can all be rapidly analyzed by machine learning. Discover the fastest way to optimize your business performance.


Seamless, personalized, end-to-end client support


Even if you’ve never heard of linear regression analysis, don’t worry. NuMantra makes sure you have complete command over all your ML/AI solutions. Our mission is to improve your business outcomes at all levels.

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