Numantra’s Loan Application Processing Automation Solution


Overview of Case Study: Driving Loan Application Processing Hyperautomation with NuMantra


Learn how NuMantra’s hyperautomation changes your business with granular-processing technology – an AMP overlay over core OCR automation


Welcome to NuMantra’s Case Study, where we innovatively revamped our client’s loan-application processing system while preserving their original vision. By integrating hyperautomation into their processing layout, we not only met our client’s expectations but also enhanced customer satisfaction.

NuMantra employed cutting-edge technologies to eliminate conventional bottlenecks in loan-application processing. We seamlessly integrated Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Anticipatory Process Mining (APM) to automate data extraction and authentication, streamlining the entire loan application process.

In this case study, you will learn how:

NuMantra increased loan dispensation rates and simplified loan application processing with new-age technologies and vast computing power to process the minute data details of loan-applicants rapidly, accurately, and without ‘missing’ information.

The earlier manual system followed by our client led to errors, inefficiencies, and delays. Numantra’s hyperautomation streamlined data transformation, minimised errors, and contained other data ‘mismatch’ scenarios.

Read on to explore the inspiring turnaround of a loan-processing service provider that chose the path of modernization to ensure applicants got their loans in minimal time. Find out how our client benefited from automation, leveraging enhanced speed, precision, customer experience, and operational efficiency. Come revolutionise loan application processing with Numantra’s hyperautomation solution and take your business to a whole new level.