NuMantra’s Medical Records Digitization with Hyperautomation Solution


Overview of case study: NuMantra’s Medical Records Digitization with Hyperautomation Solution



Learn how NuMantra addressed the intricate issues of automation of prescription analysis. To resolve these woes, NuMantra leveraged its Hyperautomation Cloud-native platform. As a result, the prescription analysis silos that BGLGlobal Healthcare struggled with on a day-to-day basis were finally eliminated. Our solution solved prescription analysis anomalies at the root while improving patient safety and operational efficiency. 




NuMantra streamlines business automation complexities. The particular case of BGL Global Healthcare was an automation labyrinth due to several issues. Our extensive process diagnosis successfully led us through the ‘data choking’ areas and tracked the insufficient data reconciliation standards to be the leading cause. Manual handling of the processes was also partly responsible. 


As an effective remedy, NuMantra’s hyperautomation solution leveraged Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Anticipatory Process Mining (APM). This led to automating data extraction and authentication of interpreted data from prescriptions. Additionally, It eliminated the risk of human error during interpretation and recording.


If your healthcare business struggles with prescription analysis as well, you need effective solutions that can revolutionize your operational workflows. Find out how NuMantra Technologies can rapidly accelerate your business process.