NuMantra’s Medical Records Digitization with Hyperautomation Solution


Overview of case study: NuMantra’s Medical Records Digitization with Hyperautomation Solution



Struggling with medical record digitization and subpar efficiency? This case study will throw light on how NuMantra can accelerate your processes with the combined power of ML, OCR and NLP technologies. Uncover our solutions for your business today!




NuMantra delivers operational efficiency, data security and more with its cutting-edge hyperautomation solutions. For Cynocare, we achieved a breakthrough in conversion rates and standardization of digitization errors. We also thoroughly resolved their compliance challenges, which often plagued their operational efficiency.  


NuMantra’s hyperautomation platform brought significant value to CycnoCare by enhancing data validity and enrichment. By utilizing RPA for contextual data integration, it seamlessly synchronized records with the Electronic Health Records system, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.


Learn how we used context-aware algorithms to solve record maintenance of patient history, treatments, and specialties to complete the process.


Want to know more about Intelligent Document Digitization for your business? Discover NuMantra’s unique solutions coupled with the power of hyperautomation. 


Revolutionize your business strategy with tailored automation by intelligently integrating ML, OCR, and NLP technologies. Outpace competitors with customized AI solutions that go beyond buzzwords to deliver real results.