Recapture up to 30% of business revenue lost in inefficient processes

Process Mining

Process Mining

Know where you are. Decide where you want to go.


Today’s businesses own vast amounts of untapped process data. Deep discovery of your current processes enables you to leverage the full value of your business.

Who, What, Where & How long of each process

  • Pinpoint conformance strengths & deviations
  • Determine variation across the organization
  • Identify where to invest in process improvement

Far beyond interviews & surveys, it’s hard data

Process mining applies specialized data mining algorithms to company event logs and information systems. Identify trends, patterns, and details to obtain a clear, objective picture of your business process health.


Capture In-House and Vendor Data


With every click, order, payment, and shipment, each step in any business process leaves a data trail. Process mining gathers all the data, from inside and outside the company. The data analysis then gets compiled into an understandable report that empowers decision making.

Audit, Analyze, Improve

From manufacturing to distribution to supply chains, your business continually repeats processes. By auditing & analyzing each process, you can identify strengths and weaknesses to make data driven improvements.


Unleash the full power of RPA


Without Process Mining, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) only accelerates inherently inefficient processes. By anticipating RPA with process improvement, efficiency gains are maximized to their full potential.


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