RPA and Managing Sales Orders with NuMantra Technologies Hyperautomation Platform

For sales operations, the ability to streamline processes can either positively or negatively impact an organization’s success – including their ability to scale. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is one of several hyperautomation technologies that has been making waves in many industries due to its advanced ability to leverage existing data/processes and activate automated assistance (aka bots) that assist in the automation and processing of monotonous complex processes. Many companies rely on streamlined processes, as well as consistent, on-time delivery, and many have begun to implement RPA and other hyperautomation technologies, such as AI/ML and process mining, to assist in increasing innovation within their organization.

The Truth About RPA

The misconceptions surrounding RPA and hyperautomation are that it can be expensive, will completely eliminate the need for employees, and even that literal, physical robots are involved in the technology and process. These ideas are completely false, however still commonly held by many directors and executives in manufacturing, information technology and other process-heavy organizations. The truth about RPA and hyperautomation is that it’s scalable and will grow with your organization’s needs, is actually designed and tested to work alongside your workforce to increase employee retention and efficiency, and also eliminates the additional cost and work associated with standardized processes. This allows for a greater focus on innovation as it increases the ability to anticipate customer needs and bring new products to market.

RPA and Sales Order Processes

Most organizations use a combination of  ERP, CRM , workflow platforms for sales order processing. Yet many of the activities required to process sales orders are either manual, require complex collaboration, decisions and other activities that tend to be manual in nature.  This is true whether the organization uses SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, and more. Typical operational functions that are ideal for automation within sales order processing cycles typically consist of the following:

The above functions broadly involve the movement of data between multiple systems and functional organizations. When manually executed, this can often result in data inaccuracy and lag-time, impacting key metrics within the order management and fulfillment cycle.

RPA and NuMantra Technologies HyperAutomation Platform

Robotic process automation and hyperautomation technologies work alongside existing ERP systems to support processes and workflows that are redundant and require existing team members to carry to the finish line. As an example, for accepting and validating sales orders, many companies rely on spreadsheets and print-outs to validate and process large purchases – more often than not involving multiple departments and decision makers.

RPA, in combination with other hyperautomation enabling applications, like Machine Learning/AI from NuMantra Technologies, take the leg-work out of these complex workflows by providing predictive insights and creating automated commands that trigger team involvement when required. Sales orders and customer accounts are processed accurately on the completion of a validation process based on the actions of team members, as well as by dynamic commands and triggers until completed. RPA can also assist in the elimination of non-critical information to support the deduplication of existing databases which assists in the maintenance of newer as well as legacy systems.

RPA and hyperautomation have helped large enterprises lower costs, increase employee productivity and create an environment that supports healthy, productive growth without the weight of monotonous processes and excess costs that typically are required for day-to-day operations.

Key Takeaways about RPA and NuMantra Technologies

Considering the complexities of modern day workflows, leveraging hyperautomation technologies like RPA and Machine Learning AI are critical to the continual success of organizations and their ability to proactively compete in an evolving, global marketplace. RPA helps reduce costs, increase opportunities for advancement and bring innovation to the forefront of organizations.

The all-in-one NuMantra Technologies hyperautomation cloud native platform combines Process Mining, RPA, Machine Learning/ AI and BI & Analytics applications with integrated workflows to eliminate the complexities faced by process-heavy organizations. Built using several cutting edge open-source technologies, it offers organizations a low-code alternative that will empower their employees to automate their workflows and realize quantifiable gains seamlessly, at a rapid pace.

Contact our team today to speak with hyperautomation experts about how to leverage an all-in-one platform to increase productivity, decrease overhead and innovate faster.

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